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What is Asdra all about?
Asdra is a NeoBank that uses a proprietary Protocol to manage stable currencies.
Asdra is as well a FinTech, a type of company that builds products and services that run under the same ecosystem powered by the Asdra Protocol.

Initial pivot

The initial Asdra pivot is to banking the unbanked, by launching a new technology called Asdra Protocol, it will power the ecosystem of Asdra NeoBank on the market by providing a simple solution to users to obtain a free bank account wallet, have access to traditional banking services and decentralized banking services.

Asdra's goal is to revolutionize traditional banking transactions, by complying with KYC/AML and banking regulations in all the regions that operate and utilizing blockchain for the sole purpose of guaranteeing instant transactions, settlements, and cross-border payments 24/7.

Under development

Asdra will also provide via Asdra Protocol API, a simple solution that will allow developers to build apps on top of the existing Asdra ecosystem.
By leveraging users' behavior, Asdra will initially target migrants and unregulated cross-border payments (hawala) helping them to transfer money home quickly, with minimal fees.
Asdra plans to learn from this experience, with an initial rollout in a few specific countries in the Southeast Asian countries, fix any possible fatal flow and expand the service in other regions of Asia and around the world.
Once users and parties involved in Asdra payments will appreciate what Asdra is archiving in the regions where operate, Asdra will expand targeting other niches of users, starting to launch other services, incentives users to deposit and keep funds in the Asdra app, allowing them to get interests, pay for daily goods and services with Asdra Pay.
In preparation for the digital currencies revolution, Asdra will indeed issue StableTokens pegged FIAT but will work closely with governments and regulations with the purpose of complying with Digital Currencies regulations and CBDC (Central bank Digital Currency).

Long vision

Asdra plans to build and launch majors solution for B2B, B2C, corporate services, and financial services that will leverage Asdra Protocol functionalities to the next level, with the purpose to provide additional liquidity to the ecosystem and increase the user base.
Asdra will launch AsdraLab, a department of Asdra that will build and launch on the market several products that will be business studies and developed after the launch of Asdra Move.
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