About Asdra Companies & Foundation

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Asdra Group of Companies

Asdra group of companies incorporated in the United States, Singapore, and Thailand. Asdra was formed solely to develop, launch, and maintain the Asdra Protocol, the Asdra Stable Token , and related future services in collaboration with the Asdra community and external collaborators, with the goal of achieving decentralized management.
In addition, Asdra is working with external partners to provide audit, advisory, financial, risk, tax and legal services for products and services that do not yet exist, in addition to expanding Asdra offices in planned locations.
Primary role of the Asdra group of companies
  • Registration, ownership and management of intellectual property.
  • Contractual engagement with third parties.
  • Registration, ownership and compliance of multiple regulatory licenses.

Asdra Foundation

The Asdra Foundation will be established to drive the adoption of the Asdra Protocol, open new markets, facilitate collaboration, and foster partnerships. For this purpose, it will be established as a registered foundation with objective statutes designed to store key intangible assets of the Asdra community.
Asdra foundation will manage its governance model shows the true democracy - in which individuals are incentivized to play a role and votes are immutably recorded. It is a way for token holders to decide the future of a platform, and for the community to dictate the use of Asdra’s treasury funds. Additionally, the Asdra Foundation is developing a number of products and services that will utilize the stability of the Asdra Protocol to provide new innovative services in the future.