The Founders

Who Are the Asdra's team and founders?

The Team

Our team consists of Blockchain and Smart Contract development enthusiasts. BSc in Computer Record Management MBA in Economic and Business Accountant MIT Blockchain and Money Harvard CS50 Introduction to Computer Science Apple iOS front-end development Engaged in the Thailand and Myanmar governments' MOU to regulate the employment between the two countries through technology.

The Founders

Francesco Cardullo
Co-Founder & Business Lead
He is an expert in business management and programming, with experience in finance, blockchain, and token economics.
Prior to that, he co-founded Dalton Technologies, a fintech development agency, AI dreamer, passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, and marketing, with 15 years of entrepreneurial experience.
  • ICDL in Information and Communication Technology
  • MD in Accounting and Development
  • FMT in Professional Trading
Pitt Sinchawla
Co-Founder & Technology Lead
He has extensive software engineering experience across a variety of industries and is a leader in token economy, blockchains, distributed systems, and cryptography.
He is also a co-founder and the CEO of multiple technology companies. His passion for technologies, coupled with extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship, has given him an edge in the industry.
  • BSc in Computer Record Management
  • MBA in Business Administration
  • Harward CS50 Introduction to Computer Science
  • UCL Berkley Blockchain and Money
  • Apple iOS Developer