About Asdra Inc.

What is Asdra Inc.?

Asdra Inc. founded in the United States, Asdra is a fundamental FinTech company that was formed exclusively to build, launch, and maintain the Asdra Protocol, the Asdra Stable Token Algorithms, and related future services in cooperation with the Asdra community and external collaborators.

The Asdra community is currently working with the Asdra Protocol Project to build and launch the five layers with the ultimate goal of achieving decentralized governance through the Asdra Protocol, including the Asdra FIAT: Pegged Stable Tokens and the Asdra Utility Token.

Furthermore, Asdra is collaborating with external partners to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and legal services for products and services that do not yet exist, in addition to expanding the Asdra offices into planned locations.