Asdra Move

Asdra Move encompasses the entire ecosystem of multiple smart contracts that allow users to use Asdra's stable token network and make real-time global transfers.

Introduction of Asdra Move

The Asdra Move app is a digital wallet and remittance service platform. The app is available for iOS and Android. In addition to remittances, Asdra Move offers a wide range of services. Using the Asdra ecosystem, transactions can be executed instantly, and the app offers a fully decentralized structure of smart contracts and messaging networks. With no KYC required, users can simply download the app and sign up. With a single tap, users can store digital currencies, receive and send money without being restricted by any limitations. With Asdra Move, it is important to comply with global government regulations and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. Upon reaching the annual limit, users must submit a Personal Identification Number (PIN) application..
Asdra Move uses the Asdra Exchange & Remittance Layer and the Vault & Tokens Layer, which contain all the smart contract tools within Asdra Ecosystem. In addition, users have access to the Asdra FIAT: Pegged Stable Token network, which provides extreme stability for global transfers,Smart contracts that manages liquidity and rates, and generally maximizes the value of past and pending token holders in most cases.
We believe that users should not have to deal with bureaucracy and complications associated with blockchains. We are essentially removing the "difficulties" from the blockchain equation and building a system that is accessible to anyone from anywhere.
Asdra Move is a Wallet App available for both iOS and Android, offering different levels of services:

Without KYC

Allows users to store, send, receive, swap, and trade Stable Tokens, Asdra Tokens, and other major cryptocurrency assets, as well as earn, borrow and integrate remittances.

With KYC

Enables users to top up with FIAT, send FIAT, receive FIAT, and exchange FIAT with cryptocurrency.

With Asdra Token

Holders of at least one Asdra Token will have access to governance tools that will allow them to not only vote on future platforms, but also to stake the token (via the wealth platform) and earn APY.