Asdra Move Tech

Technology and Innovation

1. Re-Designed from the ground up

Asdra Move App considers the user experience and puts it at the heart of a forward-thinking design. As a famous quote goes, "Design is not just how it looks or feels. Design is how it works."

2. Re-Imagine

Wallet creation with extensive research and months of testing. We redesigned the user interface to allow for the creation and management of Crypto Wallets. We have been using smart wallet creation and AI functionality to store customer's Cloud Storage. No more writing or searching for keys.

3. Lighting speed transactions

Transaction confirmation time on the Bitcoin network is not only slow but also fluctuates significantly. Additionally, Bitcoin averages only 4.6 TPS with at least 6 confirmation pauses. Asdra is upto 65,000 TPS.

4. Secure Transactions

By design with Blockchain Smart Contract, transactions are sent over a secure network that is thoroughly tested to ensure it is free of security vulnerabilities, bugs, and other inefficiencies.
Receive cash fast Money exchangers and convenience stores are everywhere. Our end-to-end service provides them with a back-end application to manage daily transactions.
Asdra FIAT: Pegged Stable Tokens are by providing collateralized and overcollateralized assets and Asdra Token through Asdra Protocol. In addition, At the Vault & Tokens Layer, which serves as collateral, our system is referred to as collateralized asset-backed.

5. Best FX rate

Asdra Move enables the instant transfer and exchange of funds worldwide via Asdra Ecosystem using the FIAT Pegged Stable Token, where the Exchange & Remittance Layer can easily access the best market rate to ensure that the price of transfer transactions remains fair and stable. Asdra uses the Asdra Governance Token as a tool that is able to provide liquidity for the transaction, stabilise the rate and make a profit for Asdra.

6. Asdra Vault & Tokens Layer

It hosts all FIAT: Pegged tokens that are part of Asdra Ecosystem, including those that use Asdra Move as collateral. Each stable currency token is generated by by providing collateralized and overcollateralized assets by the Vault & Tokens Layer. Commodities and real estate will also be supported in the future.

7. Asdra Magic Hub

It is a SWAP machine system that controls the supply of stable tokens, it runs like magic. For example, the value of AsdraUSD Stable Token is pegged 1:1 to USD, the total supply of AsdraUSD represents the size of a swimming pool. The water level represents the pegged 1:1 to USD, if the water decreases, the magic layer can either decrease the size of the pool or add additional water. In either case, the water is not free, it must be purchased using the Asdra Governance Token. Users are incentivized to buy and hold Asdra Governance Tokens in order to be rewarded for their participation in remittance transactions, as well as participate in increasing the pool size and water volume through arbitrage opportunities. Asdra Magic Hub is part of an extended version of Asdra Protocol, which combines a total of 4 hubs, all connected to Asdra Ecosystem. Asdra Magic Hub will be officially announced to the public in Q2 2022.

8. Vault layer

It holds the stable tokens generated by users providing collateral on FIAT. For example, if a user deposits $100 USD into their Asdra account, that $100 USD is held and the vault layer will remit $100 AsdraUSD to the user. The vault cannot mint stable tokens if there is no collateral. To ensure trust in the system, all operations are handled by AI. The Vault & Tokens Layer also manages the profit pool of Asdra Governance Holders, every time the pool is full, the profit will be distributed among the token holders, the distribution is done by inflating the Asdra Governance Price, essentially Asdra will buy existing Asdra Tokens on the market with the funds from the profit pool.

9. Governance Layer

It holds the Asdra Governance Token profit pool. The Asdra Governance Token allows users to buy and sell Asdra stable tokens as well as paying for gas transaction fees. Users of the Asdra Governance Token are also rewarded with profit distributions and voting rights. The governance layer hosts the Asdra Parliament Platform, which allows users to vote on future implementations of the platform, adjust fees, pricing, and more with a few clicks.