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Asdra Wealth

Asdra Wealth is an integrated platform with Asdra Move and Asdra Pay, which includes the investment and participation opportunities of Asdra Ecosystem and other large-scale projects with which the company works.
The platform is structured to leverage the stability of Asdra Ecosystem, which allows for attractive interest rates and a new way of borrowing funds through the Asdra Wealth platform.
Road Map:
Q4 2022 - Proof-Of-Concept

Asdra Payment Gateway

The Asdra Payment Gateway, or APG, is a gateway system that enables merchants to accept any currency from their customers.
APG allows an e-commerce owner to accept Asdra Stable Token, Asdra Token, FIAT and major cryptocurrencies as payment options. The difference between APG and other payment providers is that APG offers the best rates in the market while eliminating unnecessary third parties and traditional banking methods that not only hinder the user experience but also increase transaction costs.
APG merchants have the option to convert any currency received to Asdra Stable Tokens by default, Asdra Token, or choose a local currency. APG complies with all banking and government regulations in all currencies in which it operates, providing a new simple, intelligent, and reliable method for customers and merchants to share information securely. Asdra is building an ecosystem powered by Asdra Protocol.
APG will offer multiple plugins and API documents that enable APG to be used by anyone, any system, anywhere.
Road Map:
Q4 2022 - Proof-Of-Concept

Asdra Pay

Securely pay around the world with your smartphone. The Asdra Pay app offers consumers the ability to make payments anywhere in the world, while making it more convenient for merchants to receive funds. Due to the low percentage of commissions and globalization of transactions, both parties are able to find the most competitive rates.
Road Map:
Q4 2022 - Proof-Of-Concept

Asdra Swap

Asdra Swap is an innovative decentralized exchange that allows users to trade Fiat Pegged Stable Tokens and cryptocurrencies with simplicity without leverage.
The goal of Asdra Swap is to reinvent the way users trade online and eliminate the inefficiencies and poor user experiences associated with most existing exchanges.
Road Map:
Q3 2022 - Proof-Of-Concept

Asdra Cross-chain Stable Tokens

One of the ultimate goals of Asdra Stable Tokens is to be supported by multiple chains facilitating interoperability across multiple blockchain networks. Asdra is developing the final token economy math to enable crosschain usage.
Asdra Stable Tokens will be supported by the following blockchains:
  • Solana
  • Cardano
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polkadot
  • Ethereum
  • Algorand
  • Stellar
Road Map:
Q4 2022 - Token Economy Update