Asdra Payment Getaway

What is Asdra Payment Getaway?

The Asdra Payment Gateway, or APG, is a gateway system that enables merchants to accept any currency from their customers. APG allows an e-commerce owner to accept Asdra Stable Token, Asdra Token, FIAT, and major cryptocurrencies as payment options. The difference between APG and other payment providers is that APG offers the best rates in the market while eliminating unnecessary third parties and traditional banking methods that do not only hinder the user experience but also increase transaction costs. APG merchants have the option to convert any currency received into Asdra Stable Tokens by default, Asdra Token, or to choose a local currency. APG complies with all banking and government regulations in all currencies in which it operates and offers a new simple, intelligent, and reliable method for customers and merchants to share information safely. Asdra is building an ecosystem powered by Asdra Protocol. APG offers countless plugins and API documents that allow APG to be used by anyone, any system, anywhere.

APG is scheduled to launch in beta sometime in Q1 of 2022.