Asdra Wealth (DeFi)
Deposit FIAT / Crypto, Borrow cash against your crypto, earn interests.

Asdra Wealth

Asdra Wealth is an integrated platform with Asdra Move and Asdra Pay, which includes the investment and participation opportunities of Asdra Ecosystem and other large-scale projects with which the company works.
The platform is structured to leverage the stability of Asdra Ecosystem, which allows for attractive interest rates and a new way of borrowing funds through the Asdra Wealth platform.
Road Map:
Q4 2022 - Proof-Of-Concept

The Asdra Wealth

Asdra Wealth Wallet App was designed to be the first online DeFi crypto wallet to allow members to use coins as collateral for a loan in FIAT and to lend their crypto to earn interest on their deposits. Asdra Wealth's primary purpose is to provide interest to savers, growing their wealth, and providing loans to those in need.

How does it work?

Crypto Interest

All the ecosystem Apps that are integrated with the Asdra Protocol, members can deposit cryptocurrencies into their Asdra Wealth Wallets and earn *APY interests fees while the cryptocurrencies can be borrowed and shorted immediately by other members for a lending fee. The Asdra Token (ASDRA) allows members to earn up to 12% interest per year on coins used as wealth collateral or as loans from wallets.

FIAT to Cryptoless Interest

Asdra Wealth will be integrated into the Asdra Move App, which allows instant remittance at the best rates of the market. In Asdra Move, most users may not be aware that Asdra uses crypto behind the scenes to process transactions. In fact, All FIAT deposits are automatically converted into FIAT pegged Asdra Stable Tokens, (AsdraFIAT). Members that deposit FIAT and subsequently receive AsdraFIAT Tokens will automatically receive daily interests of their own saving up to 6% *APY, interests are accumulated utilizing the same functionality of Crypto Interest and paid with the same currency, however, members will also get the option of moving the funds to the Wealth App to receive a much higher interest.

Crypto Collateral

Members will be able to borrow FIAT or AsdraFIAT against their crypto holdings in their savings wallets that will serve as collateral. In order to make borrowing from the Asdra Protocol easy for anyone who needs money in Cash, we aim to eliminate the need for cryptocurrency holders to sell their holdings. Upon the release of the Asdra tokens, users will be able to borrow FIAT’s against their cryptocurrency.
*APY = annual percentage yield, some lending and earning functionality may be not available at launch, please consider visiting the roadmap page. Asdra Move is conditional on regulatory approvals, which are already under development, consider visiting the Regulatory Approach page.

Asdra Wealth (DeFi) with (ASDRA) Token Economics

The Asdra Utility Token (ASDRA) has four primary usages: 1. Utility Token 2. Stakeholder Profit Token 3. Governance Token 4. Recapitalization Token To read more about the usages, consider visiting the Asdra Token Economy page. The Asdra Protocol will enable members to deposit, lend, and borrow a wide range of different crypto assets and AsdraFIAT's. The Asdra Token (ASDRA) is a key component of the lending and borrowing process.
With Asdra Wealth Wallet, token holders can earn interest on their coins by using the ASDRA Utility Token.

From where interests are provided?

Interests are generated by institutional traders using the WAP (Wealth Assets Pool), who pay fees in ASDRA tokens. In accordance with its non-profit model, Asdra uses profits to cover all its costs and to grow the membership expansion community, while the majority of that revenue is spent on providing services to the members.
Owners of ASDRA tokens will be able to borrow against their holdings when the token is issued. The interest of the loan can also be paid in ASDRA tokens for a discount if the members wish to do so.
The Asdra ecosystem will provide infrastructure loan services, which are not necessarily provided by Asdra itself. Our system creates a cycle of supply and demand between institutions, such as hedge funds, that borrow coins to pay for fees and commissions, and the crypto holders around the world who receive the ASDRA token in return for the coins they lent. We believe this is a much-needed fundamental service that will support and grow the crypto-economy.