The birth of new Star
Asdra in Greek means Star. Our roadmap are represented by the 'The Birth of New Star'
Asdra Road Map

Q1 2021 - White Dwarf

    Initial Proof of Concept
    Company incorporation and licenses requirements
    Application UI/UX design for iOS
    iOS front-end and back-end test with wallet functionality
    Private Seed Round - Raised 2 million USD

Q2 2021 - Novae - April-May 2021

    App development for iOS/Android - Internal alpha testing
    Token Economy
    Cardano Catalyst Proposal - Top 10 in Catalyst Fund5

Q2 2021 - Supernovae - May-June 2021

    Final Proof-of-Concept
    Smart Contract on Binance Smart Chain & Cardano Plutus Platform
    Stable Tokens Layer
    Remittance Layer, Vault Layer and Oracle
    Enterprise Application UX/UI

Q3 2021 - Neutron Star - July 2021

    Completion of Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract
    Public IEO
    Community Engagement

Q3 2021- New Star Arise - August-September 2021

    Governace Layer
    International Money Remittance Service Non-Bank License
    Currency Exchange and E-Payment Licenses
    Launch Asdra Protocol & Apps on Testnet
    Governance Committee Establishment

Q4 2021 - New Star is Born

    Public ICO
    Developer Access
    Public Security Audit
    Platform Launch
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