Ledger Layer

Ledger Layer is to interact with local banks, handle deposits and withdrawals of fiat currency, interact with the "Vault & Tokens Layer" and enable the exchange of Asdra Stable Tokens.

Local banks API connector

The layer handles secure and encrypted connections with local banks through a set of instructions and private API by enabling the transfer of sensitive data with banks and financial institutions connected to Asdra. The API connector is used to manage deposits in FIAT and Stable Tokens when supported by global banking institutions.

Offer & manage FIAT deposit

When users deposit FIAT into Asdra, the transaction is verified and approved by an API callback that triggers Ledger Layer to deposit Stable Tokens for FIAT.
FIAT Deposits are held as collateral and Asdra Stable Tokens are exchanged in return. The process is handled through a series of smart contracts that guarantee automation and security without compromising privacy by the Vault & Tokens Layer.

Swap FIAT to stable token with vault layer

The layer is also responsible for interacting with the Vault Layer, with a complex system of smart contracts facilitating the swap process in a secure manner by providing liquidity to the Ledger Layer Asdra Stable Tokens and holding FIAT as collaterals.

Swap stable tokens between users

Asdra Stable Tokens can then be spent, sent, and exchanged with other Asdra users. Every transaction is secure, lightning speed, and with no transaction fees.
Transactions between users are executed within the ledger layer, and Asdra Stable Tokens owned by the user can also be used to access DeFi's products based on the Asdra Ecosystem.
Alternatively, users can withdraw Asdra Stable Tokens and store them in private wallets, cold wallets, or transfer them to exchanges, but such a transaction may incur a withdrawal fee as this process takes place within the blockchain.