Settlement Layer

The Settlement Layer serves as a clearing house and balances FIAT liquidity to the Asdra Business & Partner Network.

Manage refund

This layer validates the execution of all transactions as well as the update of the daily ledger and ensures that the Asdra Governance parameters are met.
The settlement layer uses a set of rules to ensure that the stability of the entire system is maintained if either an Asdra partner or a Stable Token-linked currency runs out of liquidity.
Real-time refunds and partner settlements are automatically maintained in the system, including token settlement tracking with the Vault & Tokens Layer.

Manage partner settlement

The settlement is carried out via Ledger Layer, which guarantees a fast, secure and transparent liquidation of the funds.
Settlement Layer is a tool that facilitates the ability of the protocol to track each transaction, leading to a decision on when to execute a settlement transaction for traders based on parameters set by governance.
Settlements are performed by all counterparties that are part of the A2Y network (A2Y = Asdra to you, our vision of the P2P network).
Merchants that are part of the A2Y network are retail stores that accept Asdra Businesses Partners such as convenience stores, banks, FIAT liquidity partners, Banks ATM, cardless partners and currency exchangers.

Track tokens settlement with vault layer

The Settlement Layer constantly interacts with the Vault and Tokens Layer to obtain information about traders' funds. The Vault maintains a security fund to represent collateral requested by users, the collateral is contained in the security fund.
Transactions can be approved by Settlement Layer as long as there are no red flags within the parameters. The collateral fund is used to confirm the maximum amount handled by the business user to ensure that all user handled funds are already protected and swap tokens are protected by fund balances.
In this way, Asdra can guarantee a seamless user experience, similar to a credit card where in case of an irregular payment or a malicious transaction, Asdra is able to immediately reverse the transaction to ensure the user's safety.