User Management Layer

The canonical source of information about User Management Layer functions and integrations.
This layer is responsible for the management and storage of user information, authentication, wallets, and credit generation, as well as KYC management and support.

One tap sign up

Asdra offers a "one tap sign up" method through Apple and Google. This process provides an enhanced user experience and automatically generates a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) generated by SHA256 encryption. The UUID is generated uniquely per application and user.
The UUID is used to create passphrases for the blockchain wallet with a local currency that is automatically selected based on the device's location, region, and language. For maximum security, the passphrases are stored in a secure enclave and backed up to the user's private cloud, provided by Apple and Google. Asdra does not store any data on its server. The user can access the information associated with the passphrases, create additional backups, and remove online backups at any time.
As a result, the user can now fully explore the app and all its features, receive money or make a deposit without revealing any personal information as long as certain parameters are not met. Thus, the user is guaranteed complete anonymity and privacy.

Account type

After the registration process is complete, the system automatically creates a default account for the user. Depending on the location and services offered, the user can later upgrade the account. User Management Layer offers Standard User Account, Employer Account, Retail Account, Enterprise Account and Currency Exchanger Business Account. A user can use multiple account types with one account.
Asdra offers 3 types of applications for consumers, businesses/enterprises and partners.
  1. 1.
    The consumer application provides a range of services including an electronic wallet, swaps and transfers for individuals.
  2. 2.
    The Enterprise application is for businesses to manage and process payroll.
  3. 3.
    The Partner application is for P2P transactions, cash withdrawals and cash transfers.


At Asdra, we have very strict policies regarding Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). In addition, Asdra performs a number of internal functions to protect our clients from potential vulnerabilities. The requirement for a "Personal KYC" may vary depending on the region in which Asdra operates, but it is not required if the lifetime volume of early transactions is less than or equal to $350. The KYC process is only required for on-off ramps from FIAT in our CeFi connector. If the user has access to our DeFi products, KYC is not required.

User interaction and execution

Users at this level are able to interact with other users on the network and perform transactions, for example, users can receive funds from employers or friends, deposit funds via bank transfer, or receive funds via local transfer from stable tokens.
Deposits and transactions are carried out within the Asdra ecosystem using a private ledger maintained by a "Ledger Layer".