Asdra Token Economy

Asdra Token Economy

Asdra is the Capped Supply Native Token of Asdra Protocol and Asdra Ecosystem.

Asdra Protocol is a decentralized platform that independently handles the Asdra Governance Token and all Algorithmic Stable Tokens FIAT : pegged currencies.

Asdra Protocol is evolution 2.0 of the decentralized financial governance protocol built into Blockchain and smart contracts.

The demand/supply of each Stable Tokens is algorithmically passed from the Magic Layer.

The Asdra Protocol is defined in some cases as Algorithmic Semi FIAT Stable Tokens FIAT : Pegged.

Stable Tokens currencies FIAT: Pegged value (example "AsdraUSD") can be minted only by the Magic Layer, SWAP Asdra Token for an equivalent of "AsdraUSD", at the same time "AsdraUSD" SWAP can become Asdra Token. The Pegged 1:1 USD/AsdraUSD is automatically algorithmically maintained by the Magic Layer smart contracts.

AsdraUSD pegged is carefully managed by the Magic Layer. Participants holding Asdra Stable Tokens or Asdra Token are a fundamental part of Asdra Protocol, in times of contraction or expansion participants can benefit from SWAP Stable Tokens to Asdra Token or Asdra Token to Stable Tokens with a seigniorage concept.

Asdra offers a FIAT / Crypto Remittance service that provides a fast and reliable best rate solution for the global economy. Participants who have decided to deposit FIAT and transfer funds through remittance country to country will go through the Asdra Vault, a place fully handled by AI where FIAT currencies are held, the Vault holds a stable reserve of tokens after a number of users and volumes, capable of SWAP real-time FIAT to Asdra Stable Tokens instantly. At the same time, an unnecessary reserve of Stable Tokens is burned.

Asdra Token Market Cap is set to 1M$, the Market Cap can rise and fall according to algorithmic parameters. Participants holding Asdra Stable are rewarded for their effort to maintain the platform stable with controlled inflation distributing directly linked to the profit generated by spread fees, remittance fees, and transaction fees.

To see the full set of token dynamics and economics details, visit Token Whitepaper.