Asdra Stable Tokens
Asdra is the capped supply native token of Asdra Protocol and Ecosystem.
Asdra Protocol is a decentralized platform that independently handles the Asdra Governance Token and all Asdra Stable tokens FIAT : pegged currencies.
Asdra Protocol is an evolution 2.0 of the decentralized financial governance protocol built into Blockchain and smart contracts.
The demand/supply of each Stable Tokens is managed by liquidity pools passed from the Vault & Tokens Layer (Magic Hub).
The Asdra Protocol is defined in some cases as Asdra Stable tokens FIAT : pegged.
Stable Tokens currencies FIAT: Pegged value (example "AsdraUSD") can be minted only by the Vault & Tokens Layer SWAP Asdra Token for an equivalent of "AsdraUSD", at the same time "AsdraUSD" SWAP can become Asdra Token. The Pegged 1:1 USD/AsdraUSD is automatically maintained by the Vault & Tokens Layer smart contracts.

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