Asdra Protocol is a decentralized platform that independently handles the Asdra Governance Token and all Asdra Stable tokens FIAT : pegged currencies.

Token Information

Token Name: Asdra

Token Symbol: ASDRA

Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 ASDRA (1 Billion)

Maximum Circulating Supply: 800,000,000 ASDRA (800 Million)

Token Type: SPL Token (Solana Chain)

Token Distribution

5% at TGE, 5% 1 month later, 7.5% per 12 month later (linear daily vesting preferred)
8% at TGE, 7.66% per month for 12 month after (linear daily vesting preferred)
Public (IDO,ICO,IEO)
25% at TGE and then 15% per month over 5 months (preferred linear)
12 months cliff, then 4.16% per month
6 months cliff then 4.16% per month
Not for sale
Staking Reward
LP & Exchanges

ASDRA Token Primary Usage

ASDRA token has four primary uses on the Asdra Ecosystem: 1. Utility Token 2. Passive Reward Distribution 3. Governance Token 4. Recapitalization Token

1. Utility Token

Asdra Utility Token is defined as a participation and contribution token. In fact, participants who support Asdra and purchase ASDRA utility tokens can use them in trading platforms as well as for any fee charged by Asdra services within the Asdra Apps:
  • Remittances fees and spread fees
  • Interest on repayments at Dex Wealth
  • Transaction fees and withdrawal fees

2. Passive Reward Distribution

To ensure participation and collaboration of the Asdra Community, following the roadmap “The birth of new Star” until the launching of Asdra Protocol, users can benefit from a Staking reward allocated from tokenomic, staking will follow specific rules with weekly interest collected with Exchangers partners and Asdra Move App. After the launching of Asdra Protocol, token holders who hold at least 100 ASDRA in Dex Wealth Layer for a specified period of time (starting from a period of at least one month to ~ indefinitely) will be identified as active members who, for example, attends monthly meetups, is regularly active in governance, proposes, votes and shares ideas, or handles high transaction volumes in the Asdra Move app.
Participants are rewarded with an allocation determined by governance, meaning that governance defines the rules and conditions for the payout.
The rewards come from the profit generated by Asdra operations held in the profit pool. For example, if the monthly Asdra profit operations are $100 million, participants holding Asdra Utility Token will receive a percentage of that profit according to the number of participants and tokens held.
3. Governance Token
Users who own Asdra Token can vote and participate in the governance of the Asdra Protocol.
The full governance voting for the logistics and risk management of the protocol, the voting platform is directly integrated into the Asdra App which makes voting smooth. The voting process is based upon continuous approval voting, whereby proposals can be submitted to the platform, they will go through casting, and only the best proposals will be considered on top proposals, and they will be integrated and implemented into the Asdra Protocol.
4. Recapitalization Token
The ASDRA token also serves as "security insurance", the protocol's benefits cannot be subject to internal and external influences. Asdra Protocol already manages a percentage of the "reserve" and uses it in case of emergency. But if certain parameters occur, the protocol needs the community of ASDRA token holders, the recapitalization will be activated, if certain pieces of Asdra collateral portfolio within the Asdra Ecosystem does not have the collateralization it needs, the Asdra Protocol will automatically do through the minting and sale of ASDRA tokens, to immediately increase capital to cover the shortfall of value within the Asdra Ecosystem, as a result, the entire system is no longer insolvent with this kind of function, which ensures the stability and prosperity of the platform, the creation of new tokens is limited, since the maximum total supply of Asdra Utility Token is set at 1 billion.

Advantages of hold Asdra Token

In addition to becoming a part of the ecosystem, players can also contribute to the stability of the Asdra Stable Tokens, which are part of the protocol, remittance parameters fees, earned/borrowed assets in the Dex Wealth Layer, and more.
Because of its multi-uses nature, ASDRA is considered more stable than most cryptocurrencies due to how it is valued.

How is the value of the ASDRA token determined

Value determination and how Asdra earns profits?
According to the following information we should be able to form an understanding of what Asdra does in terms of how the business generates profits.
Through Asdra's worldwide network of operations and services, the protocol earns revenue by presenting its products and services to its customers.
  • Transaction fees for remittances
  • Spread fees for transactions
  • Fees associated with the "buying or selling" of currencies in bulk / OTC.
  • Interests collected through the lending service of the Dex Wealth layer
  • Auction of expiring collateral collected by the Dex Wealth layer
Particularly, the funds listed above will be collected in a "profit pool" and distributed to users at the appropriate time.

How ASDRA price works

Aside from traditional factors such as the progress of the project, the flow of cryptocurrency on exchanges, market conditions, and the current economic climate, ASDRA is affected by a wide range of other factors as well. ASDRA, despite having unique characteristics, is also affected by market fluctuations, which results in the minting and burning of ASDRA, thus modifying the supply and value.

How profit is distributed to the users?

As mentioned previously, the profits generated by Asdra operations will be collected in the profit pool, and once it reaches its full capacity, the profits are distributed as follows:
1. Asdra distributes profits with deadlines set by the Asdra Governance to Tokens holders.
2. Token holders who hold at least 100 ASDRA inside the Asdra App are eligible and be rewarded with a percentage of the profit generated by Asdra operations.

How can investors have an edge on it?

Advantages of holding in Asdra
Keeping Asdra Tokens for a long period of time will result in more value for the token over time due to the systematic reduction of supply.
In addition, holders of Asdra tokens can also store their tokens in the Asdra Wealth application and receive additional interest.

Liquidity Mining

Via the Reserve, 20% of ASDRA Tokens will be held and used to provide liquidity in case of emergencies, as well Asdra partners and market-making can borrow part of the reserve assets, terms, and distribution are handled by the governance.

Token Distribution

The circulating supply of ASDRA tokens theoretically started at 250 million as a result of the community airdrop, Public ICO, Community & Exchange Development Fund. Between ICO, Community & Exchange Development Fund, and Early Stage Backers a total of 52% will be distributed to users.

ASDRA Governance:

1 Asdra = 1 Vote. Asdra Token Holders has access to the governance platform that will allow holders to propose new ideas, vote for existing and future implementation of the platform includes the Asdra Marketplace voting.

Governance Treasury:

The token's governance functionality allows the Vault Layer to hold governance tokens on stake, profit pool, and collaterals.